Research Scholar's day

The research scholars' day is an annual event celebrated by the M.Tech and PhD students. As part of the programme, the students showcase their research work through posters and presentations to the attendees.

The research scholars' day provides an occasion to learn about the research that our residents and fellows are conducting as a vital part of their educational experience.This scientific gathering also serves as a vehicle to foster research collaborations, and a chance for faculty and trainees from the Department of Materials science and engineering to learn about colleagues' work and celebrate breadth and depth of research.The day's events include inaugral speeches by eminent professors, oral presentations by trainees and faculty members, a poster session open to all researchers, fellows, postdocs and graduate students, and ends with an awards ceremony and reception.This event results in a strong student-faculty interaction.Most of the times, the feedback given by the faculty members during the poster session and talks motivates the research scholars to further their scientific/engineering advancement on their subjects.