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Dr. Anupam Pal


Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


Hailing from Nadia district, West Bengal, Dr. Anupam Pal did his B.E. in Production Engineering from Jadavpur University. After brief industrial experience, he realized his passion for research and joined M.Tech program in Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. After completing his Masters degree he moved to Pennsylvania State University (PSU) to do PhD under the supervision of Dr. James Brasseur in the field of gastrointestinal biomechanics. He continued as post-doctoral fellow in the same university before coming back to India as an Assistant Professor 2006 in the department of Biological Sciences and Bioengineering at IIT Kanpur where he continued till mid-2012. After that he moved to Kolkata and joined Bose Institute for a brief period before joining Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata. His research interest included computational fluid dynamics, biomechanics of gastrointestinal motility, plant nutrition and transport, multi-scale mechanics of biomaterials and articular joint mobility.

In 2011 he was diagnosed with colon cancer and suffered multiple organ damage due to harsh chemo-radio therapy finally succumbing to death due to renal and respiratory failure on 24th June' 2013 in his early forties. He is survived by his wife Dr. Paramita Basu and 6 year old son Chhandik Pal (Kabyo). Besides being a researcher he was also a prolific photographer who had developed his passion for camera in his undergraduate days in Jadavpur University. Untimely and unexpected end of the life of this multi-talented personality has left a void in many hearts and academic community has lost a good teacher and researcher


  • Sreerup Banerjee wrote on 2nd July 2013
    "RIP Dr. Anupam Pal!You have taught me what research is. Will carry your legacy forward!!!"

  • Prasoon kumar   wrote on 2nd July 2013
    "Last night I heard a news which was very shocking and disappointing, the news made made me feel very sad and low at same time that One of my best Teachers ( Dr. Anupam Pal) passes away. The past memories of 2 years spent with him in IITK was rolling before my eyes entire night. It is a great loss to me as I lost my great teacher, mentor and guide. He has been been inspiration for me as a researcher, teacher and great human being and I always aspire to be like him. He infused in me passion for mathematics and its relevance in understanding science and technology. He was very helpful and supporting even to teach anybody even the most basic and fundamental aspect of anything, even like making power point presentation. He was an awesome perfectionist and always encouraged to strive for excellence with his down to earth attitude. His passion, dedication and pursuit for excellence in everything he does always have given me example that person like him exits. I pay my tribute to this great soul with whom I got chance to live with and will always try to follow the footprints laid down by him. May God give lots of courage and will to his family members in this situation. Dr. Anupam Pal (R.I.P)"

  • Rohitesh wrote on 2nd July 2013
    "Dr. Pal: One of the most genuine person that I came across in my lifetime. Not only did he inspire students to pursue passionate research but also taught to set high goals. Some of the discussions that I had with him, particularly, in regard with the photography spoke a lot about his perspective towards life. One of those persons because of who I am where I am now. "

  • Arun Kumar wrote on 2nd July 2013
    "We lost a great personality, and the loss cant be fulfilled."

  • sudeepa dixit 
    "You were a source of such excellence. It has been and still is an honor to have got a chance to be your student. You were such a father figure to me. I have looked up to you not just as a researcher but for life in general. My heart goes out to paramita maam and kabyo. May God bless you both with courage to ho through this tough phase. My condolences. RIP pal sir. "

  • Dilraj Lama  wrote on 2nd July 2013
    "Its a difficult reality to come to terms with. A loss for everyone concerned. Such is the fact of life sometimes that someone so brilliant and with so much to offer has to go so early. But I hope we have all been touched by him at some level and that shall live with us forever.We will miss you Dr. Pal. "

  • Dr Devendra Kumar wrote on 2nd July 2013
    I pray to god to provide strength to bear such a great loss for the country and persons survived by him.Really it is very hard to find such an academician,researcher and a good teacher.

  • Shammodip Roy wrote on 2nd July 2013
    "Dr Anupam Pal was a brilliant teacher, an outstanding scientist, an astute mathematician, a devout engineer, a keen philosopher and prolific photographer, all at once...a very rare personality! Personally for me, he was a guide in so many things in life, an idol I looked up to, and a wonderful human being. I, as so many others, will miss him deeply! I have been honored to have met him and be taught/advised by him - he has enriched our lives in many many ways ..... from solid mechanics to image processing to culinary knowledge to current events to was always a seamless transition for him! His grasp of science awed and inspired us at the same time. Pal sir, you were and will always remain the greatest living example of intellect, reason and knowledge to me ..... you have left a big void in my life ... a void which only your memories could fill. My thoughts are with Paramita maam and Kabbo, and wish them all the strength in the world to endure this huge loss. R.I.P., dear sir."

  • Sagar wrote
    "Dr. Pal taught me that there is beauty in everything. You just just need to wait for the right time and look from the right angle. This fact transcends photography into all aspects of life and is the very basic thought behind patience and hope. No wonder he always had a peaceful smile on his face. Sir, you will be missed."

  • Pradnya Aradhye wrote on 2nd July 2013
    "Very shocking to hear this! My his soul rest in peace. Condolences to his family, may god give them strength to cope with this loss."

  • Prem Swaroop Yadav wrote on 2nd July 2013
    We will miss you Pal Sir. "May your soul rest in peace"

    It was deeply shocking to know about the passing away of Dr. Anupam Pal. A critical researcher and an amazing photographers life was cut short! It has left both research community and photography enthusiasts bereft of a rare talent. My deepest condolences to the bereaved family and also to his students.

  • Rashmi Parihar wrote on 2nd July 2013
    Rest in peace Dr. Anupam Pal and may God give strength to his family to cope with this loss.

  • Mohit Kumar Jolly wrote on 2nd July 2013
    Dr. Pal was a great inspiring teacher, mentor and researcher. It was he who taught us what critical thinking is all about, and how to identify and pursue our passion. The way he connected his research to his passion in photography is simply unthinkable. He was always there to help out his students in all ways possible. It is very hard to believe he is no more with us.may God give strength to his family to bear this loss. Your spirit and teachings and contagious passion will always inspire us Sir. Rest in Peace!

  • Animangsu Ghatak wrote on 2nd July 2013
    This is extremely sad to here about this untimely death of a good friend. I knew him also as an enthusiastic researcher, an excellent teacher and a talented photographer. Exactly five years back we were planning to do so many things and mostly because of Anupams initiative. This is difficult to accept that Anupam is no more with us. I pray to Almighty that He gives strength to his family to go through this bereavement.

  • Alok Shukla wrote on 2nd July 2013
    A shocking event. RIP Pal sir

  • loka ram prasad wrote on 2nd July 2013
    its very sad to hear this. he was an excellent teacher, his way of making people realise the importance of maths in biology was fantastic. we will never forget you sir,

  • Varun Mehra wrote on 2nd July 2013
    Big loss to humanity and science. A wonderful teacher, researcher, photographer and human being. Rest in peace Dr. Anupam Pal.

  • Vikram Pagaria wrote on 2nd July 2013
    Anupam Sir was not a normal man. He had immense energy which was sometimes contiguous and sometimes, i just use to wonder. He was a perfectionist in every field. He was a perfect husband, a perfect father, a perfect teacher..His words "Strive for excellence", "Dont be mediocre..strive for excellence" and "Think about it" still guide me to make my decisions. I did my third year project under him. Then, I did my B.Tech project under him. Most of the work was done by him. He changed my approach towards life and work. He was a true visionary. I always used to think if we had 10 faculty like him, India would excel in research. Paramita madam, we are with you. If you have time, please call me at 9530400015. Take care. we need to carry forward his legacy.

  • Ankesh Jain wrote on 2nd July 2013
    May his soul rest in peace.

  • Vishesh Sood wrote on 3rd July 2013
    Respect is the only word that sums up all of my emotions for Dr. Pal. His presence in early years of my Ph.D. and my interaction with him had a great influence over my research acumen. This is a huge loss for scientist-starved scientific community of India. My thoughts are with the grieved family.

  • Kaustav Dutta wrote on 3rd July 2013
    Dr. A. Pal was a really a great scholar. His death is a great loss for India. But he is alive within us through his teaching and will be alive for eternal times! May his Soul rest in peace!

  • Bishakh Bhattacharya wrote on 3rd July 2013
    Dear Anupam, A week has passed since you left all of us. I just opened up with a blank mind this cite and browsed through the comments left by your students and colleagues. Only then, I realized we do have a chance to relive even if by some cruel joke of nature our souls are ripped apart - your followers - their memory and wishes forms an eternal space which no body can take away not even the God! The spirit of scientific endeavor that you have infected in many of us will drive rest of our life. There will always remain a grateful acknowledgement to the Prometheus who showed us "nihil ultra" in the pursuit of truth and beauty be it through the eyes of lens or knowledge. Wish you all the best as always.

  • harshawardhan wanare wrote on 3rd July 2013
    I had the good fortune of directly interacting with him over a collaboration, alas, it remains incomplete! His absolute candor, academic integrity and do-it-the-right way was infectious, to say the least. His moving out of IITK was sad enough, and now this, is absolutely unbelievable! RIP. My deepest condolences to the family.

  • Debabrata Goswami wrote on 3rd July 2013
    Extremely sad to here the untimely death of a good friend. Besides his enthusiastic research efforts, he was an excellent photographer. It is hard to come by such a multifaceted personality. It is a huge loss. RIP.

  • Miraj Alam wrote on 5th July 2013
    I am really get shocked to know this bad news he was a brilliant man with very kind and soft heart man may i pray to God May his soul rest in peace.

  • shripad kulkarni wrote on 5th July 2013
    i did not know about much about dr, pal my child alark is going 2 join at iit kan.but alas he cant join at kan. but i think this is great loss to our nation. such a man who left in early is big dammage to us. parmeshwar aap sabako aur famili ko s hruday se shantipradan kaRE.YE kshamaYA CHANA KARATA HU. SHRI

  • Abhas wrote on 6th July 2013
    Deeply saddened by the most unfortunate and untimely demise of Prof. Pal! Sincere condolences to his family, and wish peace for the departed soul. May God give strength to his family and loved ones to bear this loss. His inspirational character, research, and spirit of enquiry marches on in the echelons of IITK and the Indian research community, especially for younger researchers like me trying to set foot on the path he enthusiastically paved...

  • shyam sunder pandey wrote on 6th July 2013
    may i pray to, your soil become free of family member and all ceromany to peace his soil.

  • viwanadham channa wrote on 7th July 2013
    We express our heart-felt condolences to the members of the bereaved family. We pray to the God Almighty to keep his soul to rest in peace.

  • Yogesh Trivedi wrote on 9th July 2013
    May almighty give full strength to his family to bear this irreparable loss.

  • rabi narayan panda wrote on 10th July 2013
    He was a researcher in one of the most frontier areas of Science and Technology. His passing away will definitely create a void amongst all faculty members in India. I pray to the almighty to give strength to his wife and son to withstand this irreparable loss. R.N. Panda Assistant Director ( Students affairs) DSMS/ Durgapur

  • atma wrote on 10th July 2013
    I am very sad. god bless his soul

  • Neetesh Mall wrote on 10th July 2013
    Oh! Disappointing news. India has lost this researcher forever. God bless his soul.

  • Pawan Kumar Sharma wrote on 11th July 2013
    This is very sad news.I pray that the god gives his family the requisite strength to mourn his untimely death.

  • Bikramjit Basu wrote on 12th July 2013
    Dear Anupam, It is extremely difficult for us to accept the truth that you are not amongst us anymore. This also makes us to believe that we have a long way to go as far as the treatment for cancer is concerned. God has taken one of the multifaceted talent. We strongly believe that your students will carry forward your legacy. May almighty God gives the bereaved family all the strength to bear such irreparable loss. with deep sorrow, Bikramjit, Pritha and Prithvijit

  • hariom tiwari wrote on 14th July 2013
    a big lose to india and iit kanpur

  • Narendra Kumar wrote on 14th July 2013
    may the departed soul rest in peace and may god provide full sense of patient to his family members

  • VIJAY SINGH wrote on 15th July 2013
    It is very sad news that a person who can change the shape of coming generation,demise in early age.

  • Sulabhwrote on 18th July 2013
    Such a sad news to hear. I was a big fan of his photography and his passion for life. He was very young, energetic and enthusiastic person and a very good prof. Really Sad news. Nobody knows what God almighty has planned for him. May his soul rest in peace.

  • gurunathwrote on 20th July 2013
    It is a shocking news. Nice and affable disposition. liked by students and colleagues alike. My condolences to all his family and friends.

  • amit pal wrote on 20th July 2013
    I am IIT kanpur student. seeing this news in IIT k home page . my heart filled with sorrow . MAY GOD GIVE PEACE TO YOUR SOUL AND STRENGTH TO YOUR FAMILY AND FRIEND.

  • Dr. Amit Mishra wrote on 21st July 2013
    We lost a great personality, and the loss cant be fulfilled

  • ANANDARAM BASAK wrote on 24th July 2013
    May GOD gives strength to bear the sorrow to the bereaved family members of late Dr. Pal.

  • Vineet Sahu wrote on 30th July 2013
    Our interaction was brief, but i was deeply touched by it. He was part of my first JEE institute rep team - how politely & effectively he guided me through the process - each year that I am part of such a team, I realize his kindness & effectiveness; try to pass on the same. The photographs he has taken are simply immortal. Your life has touched mine & many others

  • HARISH CHAKERWARTI wrote on 2nd August 2013
    I had never meet Pal Sir but I feel very said as a gem of talent has leave us too early. I pray for grieved family to come out this unrepairable loss with the God blessing.

  • NITAI BASAK wrote on 20th August 2013
    "Eye is the mirror of the Heart". It is applicable too for Dr Anupam Pal. Such transparent eyes! Lost in heaven! May GOD give the courage to the family members. IITK should stand by the family by every means.

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