Sponsored Programmes

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Project Title : Testing and Trajectory Analysis Of DFDR (Deployable Flight Data Recorder Unit)

Project Title : Gas Turbine Engine Combustion Characterization by Using Fixed Laser Energy Source

Project Title : Design and Fabrication of Autonomous Flapping Wing Unmanned Air Vechile for Survillance and Aerial Photography

Project Title : Numerical Characterization of Strut-Ramp Injector for Supersonic Combustion Using Large Eddy Simulation (LES)

Project Title : Establishment of New Generation Technologies for Cell Separation and High Throughput Screening Using Macroporous Polymeric Matrices

Project Title : Deciphering The Bmp Signaling Network In Developing Bone: An Interdisciplinary Approach Combining Bioinformatic Data Mining Tools Along With Molecular Genetic and Developmental Biology Strategies

Project Title : Molecular and Biochemical Characterization of Sachharomyces Cerevisiae Actin Related Proctein 8 (ARP8)

Project Title : Investigate Potential Mechanism involved in AGTR1 Mediated Oncogenic Effects:A Pharmaceutical Intervention for Treatment of AGTR1 Positive Breast Cancer.

Project Title : Role of SPINK1 in cancer progression: Regulatory Mechanisms and Therapeutic Target Potential

Project Title : Non-Gassing Electrode Materials for Electro-Osmotic Pumping Based Subcutaneous Drug Delivery System

Project Title : Development of Flexible Pressure Sensors

Project Title : Carbon Nanofibres Dispersed PVA-Based Microchannels: Synthesis, Fabrication and Application to Separation Processes

Project Title : Biosensors for Multi-Analyte Disease Detection

Project Title : Development Of Metal Monolith Catalysts for Steam Reforming Of Methane

Project Title : Effect of Iron in Supported & Unsupported Nickel-Iron & Cobalt-Iron Bimetallic Catalysts

Project Title : Developing Standards for Airborne LiDAR Data Acquisition

Project Title : Study into Cracking of Deck Slab and Girders of Flyovers at Dholpuron Nh3 and Development of Strengthening Scheme

Project Title : Road Construction Using Recycled Aggregates

Project Title : A study on Seismic Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction using Laminar Container

Project Title : Paleo-Seismic and Paleo-Tsunami Investigations along South-Middle Andaman & Car Nicobar Islands towards Earthquake and Tsunami Hazard Assessment of A&N Islands

Project Title : National Facility for Application of Science & Technology in Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management (CRM)

Project Title : Science and Technology of Water Harvesting and Management in the Medieval Fort of Kalinjar in Central India

Project Title : Dynamic Response of Foundation Components through Full-scale Field Tests

Project Title : Ground Response Analysis of Soils from North India Considering Soil Strain

Project Title : Synthesis of Carba-aminosugars, and aza- and imnosugars as glycosidic inhibitors starting from readily available sugar derivatives and L-ascorbic acid

Project Title : Nitric Oxide Delivery to Biological Targets from Transition Metal Nitrosyl Complexes

Project Title : Metal Catalyzed Decarbonylative Coupling Reactions and their Applications to Organic Synthesis

Project Title : Macrobicyclic Cryptands as Platforms for Attachment of Donor and Acceptor Groups: Photo-Induced Energy and Charge Transfer

Project Title : Satellite Sterro Triplet Image Matching for Digital Elevation Model Generation

Project Title : Heterogeneous Advanced Cache and Memory Architectures for Emerging Applications and Systems

Project Title : Intelligent Tutor project

Project Title : Improving Coverage of Test- Suites via Automatic Test-Case Generation

Project Title : 33KV Substation Design and Estimation Cost

Project Title : Experimental Characterization and Numerical Modeling of Charge Transport in Synthetic Polymers Used for Electrical Insulation under Low and High Applied Voltages

Project Title : Linearity Improvement of High Current Hall Effect Current Sensors

Project Title : MUSIC-Group Delay based Source Localization and Tracking over Spherical Arrays

Project Title : Shape-Based Fluorescence Optical Tomography for Grading of Dysplasia in Cervical Cancer Progression

Project Title : Microwave Imaging and Remote Sensing of Concealed Objects

Project Title : Planar High Gain Antennas Based on Electromagnetic Band Gap Concept

Project Title : Project on Frugal Innovation in Design and Technology

Project Title A Study on the Interaction Between Formal And Informal Institutions and Its Effect on Entrepreneurship

Project Title : SandHISangrahalay Museum of Scientific Study of Indian Knowledge Systems

Project Title : Cross Border Electricity Trade in South Asia: Prospects for Regional Cooperation

Project Title : Establishment of a Multidisciplinary Innovation Lab

Project Title : Decision Support System to Enhance Safety of Railway Track Workers

Project Title : Oxidation of Graphite and Protective Coatings: Multi Length Scale Abridgment

Project Title : Investigations into Compositionally Modulated Magnetoelectric Gallium Ferrite for Sensor and Transducer Applications

Project Title : Investigations into Coherent to Semicoherent Transition of Precipitates in Nanoscale Systems

Project Title : Investigation of Solute Interdiffusion in Aluminum Alloys

Project Title : Development of Higher Conductive Co-doped Sc2O3-ZrO2 Based Electrolyte for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

Project Title : Use of Mode Localization for Quieter Panels of Superstructure in A Stealth Ship

Project Title : Development of a General Purpose CFD solver over a Hybrid Unstructured Grid

Project Title : Design and Development of a Pipe-line Health Monitoring Robot based on Smart Sensor Embedded Rotating Probes and an Efficient Data Communication

Project Title : Shapes, Stability and Dynamics of Granular Minor Planets

Project Title : CO2 Sequestration in Marine Hydrate Sediments with Simultaneous CH4 Recovery

Project Title : SAE Formula Racing Car- designed & BUILT BY Students of IIT Kanpur

Project Title : Analysis of Human Gait and Design of A Leg Exoskeleton For Rehabilitation

Project Title : Deep Sea Pressure Test Facility

Project Title : STABLE Superhydrophobic Coating on Steel Surfaces for Corrosion Prevention and Water Drag Reduction

Project Title : Diagnosis of Cancer Using Fluorescence lifetime Imaging

Project Title : Interaction of Pulse Modulated Electromagnetic Waves with plasmas: Electron Energy Distribution, Waves and Non-linear phenomena

Project Title : Metamaterials and Designer Plasmonic Structures for Controlling Emission and Absorption of Light

Project Title : Efficient and Accurate Algorithms for Acoustic and Electromagnetic Scattering from Inhomogeneous Scatters in Two and Three Dimensions

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