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Research Scholar


Omprakash Bharti

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Guide: Dr. A.K.Saha, Dr. M.K.Das

Research Topic



  • M.Tech (Thermal System Design) SVNIT, Surat
  • BE (mechanical) C.U.Shah college of engineering and technology



  • Hemant B Mehta and Omprakash S Bharti, Performance Analysis of an Irreversible Otto Cycle using Finite Time Thermodynamics, International Association of Engineers (IAENG),World Congress on Engineering (WCE), U.K. London, ISBN: 978-988-17012-5-1, pp. 1575-1579, 1-3 July, 2009.

  • Hemant B Mehta and Omprakash S Bharti, Finite Time Thermodynamics Analysis of Power and Efficiency characteristic of the Universal Irreversible Reciprocating Heat Engines,

  • Hemant B Mehta and Omprakash S Bharti, Power, efficiency, entropy generation rate and ecological optimization of an irreversible Otto cycle,20th National and 9th International ISHMT-ASME Heat and Mass Transfer Conference, IIT-Bombay, paper no. 10HMT379, 4-6 January, 2010.

  • Hemant B Mehta and Omprakash S Bharti, Efect of Heat transfer on the performance of an air standard Diesel Cycle, International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering (ICAME-2009), SVNIT-Surat, Gujarat, 3rd-5th August, 2009.

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Office/Lab Energy Conversion and Storage Lab, Southern Lab,
Department of Meachanical Engineering
IIT Kanpur India-208016

Office Phone: 0512-259-6530 (O) 

Email: obharti[AT]

  • Flow visualization, Stereoscopic schlieren technique, Natural convective flow, Finite Time Thermodynamics, Heat Engine Cycles.

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