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Professor Narendra Lal Arora

(Popularly known as Professor NL Arora)

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


Professor Narendra Lal Arora Arora joined the Institute in the Department of Aerospace Engineering, on January 12, 1970. He served the Institute for 29 years. He was the Head of Aerospace Engineering Department during 1986-1989. He was the chief architect in establishing the state of art low speed wind tunnel facility at IIT-Kanpur. Today this National Wind Tunnel Facility (NWTF) is catering to the needs of Indian defence programs, Indian Space program, automobile and energy sectors (power plant chimney testing). He was an active member of Aerodynamics Panel of the Aeronautics R&D Board, DRDO, India. He was a Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering.

Prof. NL Arora breathed his last on 28 Dec. 2013. He is survived by his family with three daughters.

  • Lalitha wrote on 1st January 2014
    I had an opportunity to learn Holistic Yoga from Prof. NL Arora in the year 1997 free of cost. Although he was very strict, he never minded to repeat and repeat the asanas to teach us. Even for today I remember his instructions and try to follow them. He would visit the campus for AE Dept related functions and I could meet him and discuss Yoga. It was a joy to see him around. Even last year he gave me his card and said he is active in Bangalore. It is shocking to know he is no more. May his soul rest in peace. Sincerely, Lalitha

  • Jyoti Prakash Agarwal wrote on 3rd January 2014
    One of the best guides (गुरवः);I would ever have. Om Shanti! Om Shanti!! Om Shanti!!! नैनं छिन्दन्ति शस्त्राणि नैनं दहति पावकः । न चैनं क्लेदयन्त्यापो न शोषयति मारुतः ॥ नित्यः सर्वगतः स्थाणुरचलोSयं सनातनः । तस्मादेवं विदित्वैनं नानुशोचितुमर्हसि ॥ वाहे गुरु (परमात्मा) !

  • ARUN KUMAR BHARGAVA wrote on 5th January 2014
    Prof. Arora was closely associated with me as I was a Supplier to IIT, Kanpur. He was a very noble soul and encouraged people to be sincere and straight forward in their approach. May God rest his soul in peace. We all pray to God to give the courage to the family members to bear this huge loss.

  • Sunil Datta wrote on 9th January 2014
    Narendra (NLA)was a close, dear and old friend. I first met him in 1961 at I.I.Sc. Bangalore; he joined as a M.E. I student in the Department of Aeronautical Engineering, then headed by Prof. Satish Dhawan, and I as a research Fellow. We often met afterwards; the last time at his residence in Bangalore some one year ago. It is a great personal loss to loose an affable and nice friend. Many memories of him and his family linger in my mind. I offer my heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family and pray to God to give them the strength to bear this irreparable loss. Sunil Datta

  • RAJENDRA KUMAR wrote on 23rd January 2014
    God let his soul rest in peace. H.C.T IISER Bhopal

  • Himanshu Agrawal wrote on 28th January 2014
    I pray to GOD that may his soul rest in peace and his family get strength to bear with the loss. His departure from this world is a great loss of a man of great knowledge, experience, and wisdom. The way he blended modern life with the wisdom of the past to get benefit of the both was something to be learned from him besides his great technical knowledge in Aerodynamics and Computational Fluid Dynamics. His straightforward and positive interaction with students, always attempting to take them forward, make them learned and grow them both technically and socially, is something to be followed. The knowledge that I gain from him in my brief contact, has become a part of work and life. The absolute need of perfection in work that he propounded, has become ingrained like a piece of him has become part of me, and I believe it is not only me that carries a piece of his mind, there are many others all over the planet. Prof N. L. Arora was in a league of his own, a league that is much desirable but seems to have become thinner by his departure to another world.

  • S. SHARADA wrote on 28th January 2014

  • Krishna M Singh wrote on 5th February 2014
    My grateful salutations to a noble soul who appeared as a hardcore disciplinarian but had a heart full of compassion. He lived life of a true karmayogi. A father-figure who taught us disciplined life and was always there to support all of us who worked under him. May your soul rest in peace.

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