Research Scholar


Varun Kumar Singla

Department of Civil Engineering

Guide: Dr. Vinay Kumar Gupta

Research Topic



  • B. Tech, Civil Engineering, IIT Kanpur (2010)




I am fond of Table Tennis and try to keep my mind stimulated by, besides doing research, reading interesting things about the world. I wish to live in a much more sensible and peaceful society and see humans acting wisely and courageously in response to the grave problems that they confront.



D109, Hall - 7

Office Phone Nos: 9793886797

Lab Adresses: Structural Engineering Lab,
(behind Western Lab extension)
Dr. Vinay Kumar Gupta's office

Lab Phone Nos: 512-259 7118

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


geophysics, seismology, wave-propagation, earthquake, near-field, kinematic dislocation theory, rotational seismology, rotational ground motion, fault, double-couple, Green's function, earthquake engineering, structural engineering, structural dynamics


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