Anand Gupta Memorial Fund

Rs. 44,05,249
Rs. 45,00,000
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Anand Prasad Gupta (BT/CE/1989-93) was a wonderful person who always loved to spread happiness with people around him. You could not have a dull moment when he was around. He was a great human being, immensely spontaneous, intensely funny and an amazing friend to so many of us. The time he spent at IIT Kanpur was one of the most precious moments he had. He believed this alma mater not only taught lessons of academia but also for the journey of life.

Anand Prasad Gupta (APG, as he was fondly known) would always cherish the friends he made there, and the fun time he spent on campus. His contacts were never confined to the batch he belonged to. His seniors and junior enjoyed his company equally.

Post IITK, Anand pursued quite an adventurous journey as an IT service professional, starting with Infosys. However, he did not want to settle down with an easy life and looked for something different to learn and experiment. He was not meant to be a professional by the book, but preferred to keep a work life balance so that life always came first. Although he worked in a number of cities he was mostly based in Bangalore. In his last few years he chose to come back to his hometown Patna and follow his first love of teaching kids. Classmates always remember him as an immensely helpful, gentle soul who always brought a smile to their faces.

Anand left us on Jul 21, 2020. His two lovely kids and loving wife hope to carry out his legacy of excellence by ensuring the kids get a good life and proper education. In addition to the monetary help we are trying to set up here, we also hope to provide academic guidance and help as and when required to his kids.

Purpose of Fund:

The IITK 93 batch of students, as well as other individuals who knew APG across other batches would seek to help Anand’s kids and family by donating to this corpus fund and we would provide monetary help to his family directly from here. We will decide down the road how to pace it as both short term and long term options so that we can schedule the help to match the need..

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