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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the initiative taken by the corporate giants to integrate social and environmental concerns in their business practices. It is a way through which a company/corporate contributes towards economic, environmental and social development that brings positive impact on society at large. IIT Kanpur believes in Together We Grow, and thus invites corporates/companies to be an agent of such social change. Corporates/companies can now explore various possibilities of contributing towards the positive societal impact at the Institute.

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Name of Corporate Logo of Corporate Details of the CSR Project
LIC Housing Finance Limited. Scientific Research in developing Portable Cancer Detection Device
TCS Foundation, Pune To encourage and support world class, innovative, and impact creating Ph. D work at the Institute in the areas of Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information System, Information Technology and Software Engineering through TCS Research Scholar Program.
Indian Energy Exchange Limited, New Delhi To establish `IEX-IITK Energy Analytical Lab (EAL)' at IITK. Further, EAL to compile and archive relevant identified data related to power/energy sector, develop learning tools/simulation games for improving understanding of power sector including markets. Also to develop visualization tools for Power/Energy Markets.
Ericsson India Global Services Private Limited, New Delhi To extend its engagement with startup eco system under "Spirit of Entrepreneurship Initiative".
To Carryout Real time Atmos Air Quality Monitoring with NB-IoT Network.
REC Foundation, New Delhi For raising young innovators through the conceptual research experience’ to 1800 students and 150 teachers in 30 government institutions in Uttar Pradesh
Portescap India Private Limited Design of painless syringe-needle assembly
Development of Prosthetic Hand For trans-radial Amputees with adaptive grasp and pinch capabilities.
Melanocare” Gels for Skin Cancer Therapy in Rural Settings of India.
Idea Cellular Limited, Mumbai To support project `Gamification of Education' at IITK. The aim is to develop education games or standard 1-3 for Mathematics.
To support project `Khel Phase-II' at IITK. The aim is to develop education games for standard 4-6 for STEM subjects.
Tower Research Capital India Private Limited, Gurugram To Encourage Programming and Coding Initiatives among students, coding competitions on campus, coding boot camps etc.
Robust and Scalable Generative Models for learning with limited supervision
Large Scale Cross Modal Media
Desigining a Predominantly Auditory Recommender System
Recommendation, Ranking and Retrieval: The Next leap
VTOL Aviation India Private Limited, Mumbai Development of Vertical Take-off and Landing Air Taxi & UAVs
Goods and Services Tax Network, New Delhi Technology Incubation related to computational screening of drugs and materials
Penam Laboratories Limited, New Delhi To improve the infrastructure of wet laboratories of the Department of Chemistry, IIT Kanpur
Suraj Logistics Private Limited, Jamshedpur For Research and development in Chemical Engineering Technology to take up Scientific & Education activities
Prescience  Insilico Private Limited, Bengaluru Development of Drug Discovery Tools
Raramuri Technology Private Limited, Bengaluru Development of Soil Testing Tools
Frontier Alloy Steels Limited, Kanpur Infrastructural Technology Research and Development
Rahman Industries Limited, Kanpur Infrastructural Technology Research and Development