Avijit Lal Memorial Fund

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Rs. 37,50,000
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An illustrious IITian, a loyal & trustworthy friend, a gentle and compassionate human being – all epithets which accurately describe Avijit Lal(BT/MME/2002), who is no more amongst us and whose memory we are seeking to perpetuate.

Born on 14th December 1979, Avijit grew up in Dehra Dun & Lucknow where he had the benefit of a liberal education in missionary schools like St. Joseph’s Academy and St Francis’ College. He mingled well with his colleagues in the IIT where he actively participated in various activities. He was always looking forward to new experiences and for his third year summer internship he attended the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland. After graduation, he qualified for and enrolled at the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. Thereafter, he worked with some of the leading global investment banks - both in the United Kingdom & Mumbai – like JP Morgan, Deutsche, BAML, Credit Suisse. It was while on a visit to London - on the 30th March 2014 – that he met with a tragic mishap and departed this world, leaving his family & friends in shock and grief.

Avijit loved his Alma Mater dearly - the four year period spent in the IIT was the high point of his academic career and he never failed to talk about it as the strongest conglomerate of intellectual talent available anywhere in the world! While fiercely proud of his association with the Institute he also had the humility to feel grateful for having had the opportunity to study there. It’s been 5 years now that Avijit left us, his family, friends & well-wishers. His memory is still as fresh and vibrant as it was when he was in our midst. It’ll be a fitting tribute to the memory of an exceedingly fine human being if we make a small effort and do our bit to try and perpetuate it.

Goal of the Fund

The funds received shall be utilized towards institution of a `Student Scholarship'. The student scholarships at IIT Kanpur are aimed at enabling needy and meritorious students to excel in their academic endeavors and turn their aspirations into a reality. The scholarships recognize merit and provide better opportunities to students both in terms of higher education and the career opportunities

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