Hall of Residence II

Rs. 6,14,785
Rs. 2,10,00,000
Goal Amount

The Hall of Residence No. II for boys was constructed in year 1962-64. The Hall has seating capacity of 470 students with ground coverage of 6,895 m2 & the plinth area of Hall is 12,120 m2.

Existing condition of the Hall:

  • The Hall is 60 years old hence due to aging effect, there are cracks in the sunshade, parapet wall; common corridors etc.
  • There is seepage through the common corridor hence water proofing of whole common corridor is needed.

Need of Upgradation:

  • This Hall was externally & internally painted in 2013, hence as per norms both external & internal painting of the Hall is due.
  • This Hall has the cement concrete flooring in common corridors at ground floor of the building where as all other Halls have the Kota Stone Flooring.
  • This Hall being old does not have the provision of rain water harvesting where as Hall -X onwards all Halls have the provision of rain water harvesting.
Proposed Upgradation Works

  • The damaged sunshades are to be removed & same are to be re-casted.
  • The plaster of parapet wall of Hall is damaged hence same has to be removed & redone.
  • The complete external repairing & internal painting of Hall.
  • The terrace rain water harvesting of Hall.

Wall of Donors

Heartfelt Gratitude