Hall of Residence XIV

Rs. 86,685
Rs. 2,10,00,000
Goal Amount

Each block shall have the single and double occupancy rooms with common toilets.
Single occupancy is about 10.3 Sqm carpet area and double occupancy room is about 15 Sqm carpet area
The rooms are proposed to be air-conditioned during night (Non-teaching hours). The chillers of the academic area shall be used in non-teaching hours to provide the chilled water to the FCU’s in the individual rooms.
Each room shall have its own control for air-conditioning.
One study table, one study chair, one bed, one book shelf, one bed side table, one easy chair and one pinup board shall be provided for each student in each room.
One built-in wardrobe for each student in each room.
Each block at different levels have the common spaces for interaction.

Wall of Donors

Heartfelt Gratitude