1965 Batch / Class of 1970 Fund to support IIT Kanpur’s
Growth and Vision for the Future

Growth at IIT Kanpur:

In recent years, IITK has seen exponential growth in the student population. The undergraduate count has grown from 1,200 back in 1965 to over 4,000 today, and post graduates have grown from a few hundred to over 3,000. This requires a huge growth in campus infrastructure from academic buildings, labs and lecture halls to hostel and staff accommodation.

IITK’s Vision for the Future:

Reaching out far beyond the initial format of the early days IITK has a great vision for the future with concrete plans to achieve this vision. This includes The School of Medical Research and Technology (SMRT), which is based on the principle that technology has been and will be writing the future of medicine and healthcare. Some of the other major projects are the Engineering Core Lab Building, Research Complex, Aerospace Building Retrofit, Earth Sciences Building, Extension of Core Lab, Type III Apartment Complex, Hostels 14 and 15. Since 2010, the Central Govt support for Capex funding has been reduced to just the Interest on Capex and not the principal. Fulfilling this vision will require major Capex investments.

New Initiative Established by 1965 Batch(Class of 1970):

The 1965 Batch (Class of 1970) has launched a drive to support IIT Kanpur’s growth and vision for the future and the resulting need for major infrastructure capital projects. The Batch collectively wishes to raise Rs.2.5 Crore to support funding for these capital projects which will elevate the existing infrastructure and ecosystem in the campus and in turn ensure better facilities for the students and the academia. This new campaign is inspired by the successful campaigns of recent years specifically, Needy Student Scholarships, Needy Student Laptops and Young Faculty Research Fellowships.

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