The second wave of Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all of India severely and IIT Kanpur is no exception. The current wave has affected the campus community including faculty, students, and staff. The Institute recognises that the Covid-19 pandemic has created financial hardships for many students and their families. We have been receiving requests from many students seeking financial support to take care of the medical treatment of their family members. The campus community has been helping these students on an individual basis. We have been seeing an increase in the number of requests seeking financial aid over the last few days and it’s likely to go up in the near future.

The students of IIT Kanpur are an integral part of the IITK community, and their welfare is of utmost importance to the Institute. The Institute has proposed to set up a “Covid- 19 Relief Fund” to support the IITK community, students, and their families with financial aid to meet the medical expenses for their own treatment and or treatment of their immediate family members.

Purpose of Fund

COVID related health emergencies may require a large monetary sum at a very short notice that might be difficult for many households to arrange. The purpose of this fund is to cover unexpected circumstances needing immediate assistance, such as food, medication, other personal health, and safety needs for the IITK community including students and their immediate family members.

  • Medical support for needy students and their family members.
  • Helping needy students with online education.
  • Vaccinations for students facing financial difficulties.
  • Helping frontline staff of IITK, such as mess workers etc.
  • Responding to any other emergencies arising on account of Covid 19.

Process of Disbursement

Step 1: The Institute has set up a committee, the details of the committee is given below.

  • Dean of Student's Affairs (Chairman)
  • Dean of Resources & Alumni
  • President Student Gymkhana
  • Two Alumni Representatives(will be nominated by the director IITK)

Step 2. The Institute has created an online portal, where students and supporting staff are required to submit their application with necessary documents.

Step 3. The committee will meet virtually to review the appeals and decide on the disbursements.

Step 4. The decision on appeals will be communicated to the applicants and the funds will be transferred to the beneficiaries by DoRA office.

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