Department of Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering at IIT Kanpur ranks among the best in the nation and commands high respect nationally and internationally. We at ChE@IIT Kanpur continue to thrive to provide one of the highest quality educational experiences. We, over several years, through the remarkable efforts of our outstanding faculty and students, are on the trajectory of excellence and are at the forefront of chemical engineering education, research, and socioeconomic impact in the region and the world. We take great pride in providing an intellectually stimulating environment; as a result, our Alumni continue to excel after graduation and distinguish themselves in both academia and industry, both within the country and abroad.

Nevertheless, there are multiple benefits of support from alumni, well-wishers and philanthropists. The financial support they extend may be used, has added new faculty to strengthen the newly emerging areas of chemical engineering while building on our core strengths in fluid mechanics, reaction engineering, process design and intensification, thermodynamics & molecular simulations. and help us achieve the goal of making the Chemical Engineering department at IIT Kanpur one of the best in the world!

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