What is IITKontribute?

IITKontribute is a senior class gift program which provides an excellent opportunity for the graduating batch students and our esteemed alumni to actively participate in the development and the excellence of their alma mater. It is a simple and easy way of donating and creating your batch corpus by contributing a fixed amount on a regular basis through monthly instalments. It is a voluntary class based effort towards building your batch legacy project fund which will benefit the future students and IIT Kanpur overall.

Why should you contribute to this program?

The spirit of “Giving Back”

IIT Kanpur prides itself on the success of its alumni who embraced new heights, from entrepreneurs, academicians to bureaucrats. The list encompasses many notable alumni with national and international recognition. IITK alumni have always fondled the connection with their alma mater and nurtured the spirit of giving back to the institute over the years through their generous contributions; be it infrastructure development, scholarships, especially to girl students, financial support to various hobby clubs, set-up of different R&D labs and faculty chairs, or donations.

The Philanthropists of IITK

Mr. Vijay Dixit

Mr. Sudhakar Kesavan

Mr. Satyajeet Ghosh

Contact Us

Office of, Dean of Resources and Alumni
Room no. 269 Faculty Building, IIT Kanpur - 208016