Kavindra Kumar Chaturvedi Memorial Fund

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          Life is journey full of ups, full of downs. 
          Most of us take this life as granted 
          Nothing is as like as asset,nothing is decided

          No one is stagnant here, we all are moving
          Some are accelerating, some are retarding

          we all are comparing, we all are dying
          No one is happy here, we all are crying

          The life is beautiful once you stop comparing
          The lament inside you will go disapperaing

          Focus on yourself, focu on your goal
          One day, you will feel you are not beautiful soul

          ---Kavindra Kumar Chaturvedi

Kavindra Kumar Chaturvedi (Enrolled in PhD/2019) was a passionate, hardworking, poetic, and pleasing person who was always ready to extend help to his friends, family, and the underprivileged. He used to continuously strive for betterment and progress in all fields of life. Kavindra was born and brought up in Faizabad, Ayodhya, U.P. He was a post-graduate from MNNIT, Allahabad and joined PhD programme in the Department of Aerospace Engineering, IIT Kanpur. He was a bright student who always showed interest in exploring new things. He had a pleasing and amiable personality and hence his warm presence made all his batchmates and friends at IITK very happy.

He was passionate about sharing knowledge and would never leave any stone unturned in acquiring the knowledge. He inspired many people through his poetry and always strived to put his best efforts to address the challenges of life. He was a quick learner and constantly updated himself on important developments, including politics, agriculture, and technology.

Kavindra lost his battle against Black Fungus during the second wave of COVID-19 leaving behind his expecting wife, two younger sisters, one younger brother and aged parents. The institute extended all support during his treatment and made best possible efforts to save Kavindra. Despite all the efforts, unfortunately we were not able to save him. On 05 September 2021, his family was blessed with a baby girl, but unfortunately, she will never be able to see her father. His two elder sisters are married, the younger sisters and brother are still studying. Mr Kavindra was the sole earning member of his family. Although his father runs a small shop in his village, but it was closed due to the pandemic. In his absence, now the family needs support both emotionally and economically.

Kavindra will always be remembered for his friendly, helpful, passionate and determined nature. He has left an enormous vacuum for people near and dear to him. A beautiful soul, a budding researcher espousing enormous dreams. His death is a big loss for the Department of Aerospace Engineering and IIT Kanpur.

Purpose of Fund:

On behalf of fellow students and alumni of Aerospace Engineering (IITK), we would like to seek immediate financial aid for the family of Mr Kavindra Kumar Chaturvedi (A young fellow researcher deceased due to Black Fungus in COVID-19 second wave). We feel unfortunate for his family, who lost their sole bread-earner. The entire family was solely dependent on his scholarship. In his absence, the family is unable to generate any income to fulfil their living expenses. His wife recently gave birth to a baby girl and raising her is an additional challenge for the bereaved family. Hence, let's stretch our hands to support his family. In these difficult times, the fund will help the family financially stabilize in a shorter period and help in his daughter’s future education. It is a sincere appeal to the present and past members of Aerospace Engineering Department as well as the larger IIT Kanpur community to please come forward and support the family of Kavindra.

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