Small Gifts, Big Impact: The Power of 2024 MAGIK

The Class of 2024 started their first year with online classes and pixelated faces. But you remained unfazed. Friendships blossomed irrespective of the physical distance. Then, finally the campus life! The joy of late-night bulla sessions with a cup of hot tea and maggie in winters, cycling around the campus, comforting friends in need, and spending hours in library before the exams. What nostalgia! As you graduate now, many emotions linger remembering the crazy times and pure excitement for the future ahead. This journey, started online and solidified on campus, has made your bond unbreakable. After four years, you are graduating, together.

What is M.A.G.I.K.?

M.A.G.I.K. offers a straightforward way to donate and establish your batch corpus by making regular contributions through monthly instalments. This voluntary effort aims to create a legacy project fund specific to your graduating class, benefiting future students and enhancing the overall impact of IIT Kanpur. Funds collected by your batches will be spent based on the consciences of your batch.

Why should you participate?

Your contribution can further support to your Alma Mater in the following way

  • Empowering deserving students by providing financial aid.
  • Elevating the campus experience by enhancing infrastructure.
  • Fueling groundbreaking inventions by supporting research.
  • Driving transformative social welfare initiatives.

Join hands to create MAGIK! For any queries reach out to

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