Maintenance & Upgradation of P K Kelkar Library

Rs. 0
Rs. 2,10,00,000
Goal Amount

Brief details of proposed up gradation works in PK Kelkar Library Building.


  • The Library building was constructed in year 1963.
  • The building is basement + three storied with ground coverage of 2410 sq. meter & plinth area 5000 sq. meter.

Existing condition of building

  • The building structure condition is satisfactory.
  • The false ceiling and vinyl flooring requires up gradation. The false ceiling was done in 1996-97.
  • Internal painting is required.
Need of Upgradation

  • The false ceiling needs to be changed and as well as to be painted internally on effected area.
  • The vinyl flooring in common and circulation areas of all floors needs to be changed.

Proposed Upgradation Works

  • Dismantling of old false ceiling in all three floors.
  • New false ceiling with under deck insulation.
  • Removal of old vinyl flooring and P/Laying 2 mm thick new Vinyl floor in all basement + three floors.
  • Repairing and distempering of effected walls.
  • Painting on windows.
  • Some aluminium glass partitions with door.
  • The up gradation cost of civil work is based on the DSR-2018.
Total proposed upgradation Cost
  • The total up gradation cost as per abstract of cost shall come to Rs. 1,51,84,000.00