As alumni of IIT Kanpur, we cherish the bonds forged during our time together and seek to perpetuate the spirit of camaraderie and excellence that defined our era. In tribute to those who have left an indelible mark on our hearts and minds, we would like to honour the memory of our departed friends by establishing the perpetual ‘Scholarship-67’ by the batchmates who graduated in 1967. This initiative serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of our cohort, offering a beacon of hope and opportunity to deserving students who embody the values and ideals we hold dear.

Through the generosity and support of our fellow alumni, we aim to create a lasting impact by providing financial assistance to deserving students at IITK as they pursue their educational endeavors. By investing in the academic success of future generations, we ensure that the legacy of the Class of 1967 continues to thrive and inspire for all years to come.

Wall of Donors

Heartfelt Gratitude