Tapas Mishra Memorial Chair in Computer Science and Engineering

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In loving memory of our friend Tapas Mishra:   What do we say about a dear friend who was part of our lives when our lives had not even taken shape, and who left us all too soon, confronting loss of a nature we hadn’t yet learnt to comprehend? The Tapas we remember was caring to a fault, deeply connected to his friends, and always eager to solve their problems. His wing-mates endearingly called him “Mommy”, who would come to their rooms in the evening and round them up to have dinner together at the mess. Tapas loved old Hindi music, and we vividly remember his carefree rendition of “Aawaaz de kahaan hai” while entering L3 for an exam. He was fun loving in so many ways and could be relied upon to back a spur-of-the-moment crazy-sounding adventure plan that happened to transpire.

At the same time, Tapas was an absolute ace in studies, especially into computer networks, and we looked on to him for inspiration and reassurance during group study sessions before the end-sems. So many facets of his relentlessly upbeat personality linger in our memories. But what haunts us most is that dazzling smile with which he could command the attention of any room he walked in to, and which rewarded that attention with nothing but the purest vibes of youthful camaraderie.

“In losing Tapas we lost a dear friend, but the world lost a precious talent and a wonderful human being.”

The Computer Science and Engineering batch of 1993-1997 has come together to create a faculty chair in the name of their batchmate Late Tapas Mishra. Tapas was a dear friend, a respected, talented, and hard-working peer for the batch. He passed away post complications from an accident in 1995 and the group would like to honour his memory through this chair. The batchmates of Late Tapas Mishra have also managed to connect with his immediate family members, his brother and his parents and they have extended their blessings for this initiative.

“This Chair in the CSE department is to commemorate Tapas' brilliance, and the impact he could have had on the profession and society.’’

Tapas Mishra Memorial Chair Professor in Computer Science and Engineering will honour and memorialize one of the finest and most beloved students of IIT Kanpur. The Batch has committed to raise Rs. 1.25 crores over the next few months. The endowment fund is being created in perpetuity with a vision to reward a distinguished professor in the Computer Science & Engineering Department. Faculty Chairs honour outstanding, high performing professors who are leaders in their fields and provide them with the support and resources they need to achieve their goals as researchers and educators. IITK is committed to ensure that we retain and reward those faculty who have earned a high degree of global recognition for their accomplishments. The Institute also seek to recruit leading faculty from India and around the world and Faculty Chair allows to fulfil both objectives. Faculty Chair signals the status of the Chair holder and are the highest honour that IITK can bestow upon faculty who have made extraordinary contributions to research and teaching. The purpose of the chair is to accelerate the scholar’s career, and the impact of their research to a level of international leadership. The chair will support the yearly honorarium of the Chair Occupant @ Rs. 25,000 per month and provide a Research grant for contingency & travel expenses @ Rs. 2 lakhs per year.

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