1. Introduction to 5G Wireless Technologies
  2. Key specs and New Techniques for 5G
  3. mmWave MIMO Wireless Systems and Challenges
  4. Hybrid mmWave MIMO Architecture
  5. Analog/ Digital Beamforming concepts
  6. Sub 6GHz Wireless System Technology
  7. Hybrid Signal Processing for mmWave MIMO
  8. Massive MIMO Technology and Signal Processing
  9. Multipath Channel Modeling for mmWave MIMO
  10. Channel Estimation for mmWave MIMO
  11. Precoder and Combiner Design for mmWave MIMO
  12. Introduction to FBMC Technology
  13. Advantages of FBMC over OFDM Technology
  14. Implementation of FBMC Technology
  15. OQAM Modulation for FBMC
  16. MIMO-FBMC Implementation and Signal Processing
  17. Capstone Project on mmWave MIMO Systems
  18. Capstone Project on MIMO-FBMC Systems