R. Vijaya
Head, Department of Physics,
Telephone nos. : +91-512-259-7552 (O)
Fax number : +91-512-259 0914
Email Address: head_phy[AT]


Faculty Advisors
Gautam Sengupta
Email: sengupta[AT]
Ph: 7139 (O - FB473)


Joydeep Chakrabortty
Associate Professor
Email: joydeep[AT]
Ph: 7083 (O - FB-372)


Sana Afrin
Roll no.-16209863
Email: sanafrin[AT]
Ph: 7317702313


Yogesh Seth
Roll no.-17109872
Email: yverma[AT]
Ph: 7348144345


Radhika Pal
Roll no.-18109867
Email: radhika04[AT]
Ph: 8377813389


UG Representative
Dheeraj Kumar Verma
Roll no.-170245
Email: dheerajv[AT]


Upcoming Events

  1. Freshers-2019 to be announced
  2. Nobel Lecture to be announced

Past Representative

Past Events

  1. Freshers: The freshers of the department are given a warm welcome with a cultural event where both the freshers and the seniors take part.
  2. Horizon Lecture: Distinguished faculties are invited to present their view on different aspects of science. In 2018, we were very happy to have with us Prof. Palash Baran Pal, who gave an intruiging talk on 'A scientist's fame: its reasons and its aftermath'.
  3. Nobel Lecture: An annual initiative of the Physics Society, featuring popular level talks on the Nobel winning topic on all of the respective subjects. This year (2018-19) we organized the lecture series in two parts. We had talks on Physics, Chemistry and Peace in the first part and talks on Medicine and Economics in the second part.

    Nobel Lecture-2018(Part-1)


    Nobel Lecture-2018(Part-2)


  4. Departmental Tour: The Physics Society organised an educational tour to ARIES, Nainital in March 2019. A group of enthusisatic students from all the batches of the department joined the tour. They interacted with the faculty and were shown the intricacies of the experiments carried out in the facilitiy. The tour also featurd a beautiful outing to the Naini Hills.