Dean of Infrastructure and Planning

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

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DOIP: 101 Work Requisition (submitted by an employee (other than project employee) of the institute    
DOIP: 101A Work Requisition (initiated by DOIP office & Campus Care)    
DOIP: 103 Site Visit    
DOIP: 104 Estimate Approval    
DOIP: 104A Approval form for Additional Expenditure Sanction    
DOIP: 104M Minor Estimate approval form (Annexure of Form 104)    
DOIP: 104Q Minor Work Comprehensive Contract Quantity Take off Sheet (MWCC QTO sheet)    
DOIP: 104T Memo Forwarding Tenders to Accepting Authority    
DOIP: 104TQ Memo Forwarding to Accepting Authority for all call of quotations    
DOIP: 105C Work Commencement Form    
DOIP: 106M Work Progress Form for MWCC contract    
DOIP: 106MA MWCC Financial Section Report    
DOIP: 106P Work Progress    
DOIP_106QC Site Quality Observation Report    
DOIP: 107 Work Completion    
DOIP: 107C Notification of issue of completion certificate    
DOIP: 107U User Satisfaction report    
DOIP: 112 Construction Change Directive    
DOIP: 113 Contract Extension Order *    
DOIP: 114 Approval form for Extension of time (EOT) *    
DOIP: 115 Extension of Time of Submission for Final Bill form    
DOIP: 116 Grant of Exception for Submission of RA Bill/Escalation Bills    
DOIP: 117 House Vaction Form    
DOIP: 118 Floating Intimation Form    
DOIP: 119 Occupation Intimation Form    
DOIP: 151 User Feedback Form for Standards of Sanitation Works in Hall of Residence as per Contract Agreement    
DOIP: 152 User Feedback Form for Standards of Horticulture Works in Hall of Residence as per Contract Agreement