Institutional Ethics committee (IEC)

Member Secretary: Dr Sai Pydi, Dept. of BSBE [Email: pydi@ / Tel: 2212/4034]

Guidelines for submitting application for ethical clearance by the IEC

Step 1: Submit a hard copy of the application to the office of the Member Secretary, IEC. A soft copy of the application should also be submitted via email.

The application form can be downloaded from this link: <<IEC Protocol Form>>

Please note that the IEC normally meets twice in a year (January and August), therefore the application should be submitted at least 30 days in advance (i.e., by November 30 for the January meeting, and by June 30 for the August meeting)

While preparing the application please note the following:

  • Applications that involve clinical investigations should have clinical collaborators with their signatures in the application form. A consent letter from the collaborators should be submitted if the application is not signed by them.
  • Proposal involving clinical investigations should be cleared first by the ethics committee of the participating medical centre, and a copy of the approval letter should be submitted along with the application.
  • A sample questionnaire should be submitted along with the application if the proposal involves survey.
  • A sample form for the “informed consent” should be submitted (in English and its translation in the local language as applicable).

The application will be evaluated by the committee (and subject expert if required) and the applicant may be asked to furnish other documents if required.

Step 2: A meeting of IEC will be scheduled and the date will be communicate to the applicant at least 20 days in advance. The applicant will be asked to present his/her proposal to the committee and a decision will be communicated to applicant within a week.


All applicants are advised to go through the guidelines given by the Indian Council of Medical Research: