Physics Department of IIT-Kanpur is engaged in research and teaching at the frontier areas of experimental and theoretical sciences. These include biological physics, condensed matter physics, high energy and nuclear physics, cosmology, astro-physics, string theory, photonics, quantum optics, information theory, quantum computation, nonlinear dynamics and statistical physics.


Excellence in research and teaching has been the hallmark of our Department ever since its inception. Apart from our own research at the frontiers, the Department has, over the years, produced some of the brightest minds in physics, active both in the country and all over the world, with several fundamental contributions in the field.

If you are interested in joining our Department as a faculty member, post doctoral fellow, student or if you want to visit, please get in touch with us.

Please note: The new MS in Physics Programme at IIT Kanpur is part of the new BS + MS Programme which retains most of the features of the earlier Integrated MSc Programme

BS in Physics : Programme and Course Structure

MS in Physics : Programme and Course Structure