Civil Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

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Construction Management

Scheduling, Contract management, Quality and Safety management, Economics of construction; Financing of infrastructure projects;

Infrastructure Assets

Roads, bridges, dams, industrial structures and others

Maintenance of Infrastructure Assets

Impact of failure, risk analysis, monitoring, performance, resilience, service life, repair, condition assessment, non-destructive testing and evaluation

Planning and Creation of Infrastructure Assets

Environmental Impact Assessment – Life-cycle cost and analysis – Sustainable design and Construction – Service life of structure – Quality Control and Assurance

Concrete Engineering

Concrete and Infrastructure – Concrete engineering practices – Quality control – Codal provisions – Durability of concrete under special conditions – elevated temperature, nuclear emissions, extreme exposure conditions such as sea water attacks, freeze-thaw condition, ground water exposure, etc. – Infrastructure Corrosion – Repair and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures – Non-destructive testing of concrete

Courses Offered