Civil Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Slide background

The broad goals of the department can be stated as international recognition for excellence in research and teaching and ranking as the top Civil Engineering department in the country and, therefore, stay as the top choice of the graduate students for higher education and faculty for their careers. International recognition in research is achieved through good quality publications in reputed journals and through collaborative research, and that in teaching depends on the performance of our graduates in terms of becoming the leaders in respective fields (in industry, academia, and other areas). On both these fronts, we seem to be doing fine but will need to strive for excellence. To be ranked as the top CE department in the country, we need to balance our teaching, research, and consultancy in such a way that prospective employers prefer our undergraduate and graduate students. Also, prospective postgraduate students and faculty prefer our department, and the industry looks up to us to help them in technical issues. For this, the CE department is focusing on the role of technology in creating smart solutions for existing and emerging challenges within our country. Thus, in addition to our existing Civil Engineering knowledge, a few recent tools like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and IoT are being employed both in teaching and research to tackle challenges such as smart traffic management, monitoring of contaminants in different media, process controls, deployment of smart sensors, energy efficient and smart waste management systems including the use of innovative material for construction activities with an overall goal of providing a sustainable future.