Location: Southern Lab, SL 116 (Photonics Laboratory)

Contact: Mr.Govind Kumar
e-mail: govindk@iitk.ac.in
Tel: 7712

Faculty In-charge:Prof. R.Vijaya
SL 217, Tel: 7552,
e-mail: rvijaya@iitk.ac.in


Users may note the following:

  1. Send enquiries to the TA at govindk@iitk.ac.in with details of the material(s) to be sputtered, thickness, number of samples and any other relevant information.
  2. Once your work is approved, fill up the Job order form and submit to the TA.
  3. Bring your own targets and substrates if they are not available in the lab.
  4. Identify a mutually convenient time with the TA and proceed with the work.