The DC/RF Sputtering system was funded by IIT Kanpur in the CARE scheme during the year 2013-14.
Sputter deposition is a thin-film technology which is classified as a physical vapor deposition method. The material which is to be deposited (target material) is first sputtered (atomized) by way of ion bombardment in a plasma and thereby transformed to the vapor phase. The particle vapor is then deposited as a thin film on the substrate to be coated.

The DC/RF magnetron sputter system (from M/s Advanced Process technology, Pune) is a confocal thin-film deposition tool in sputter-up configuration. The system is pumped with a turbo molecular pump and achieves low pressure (10-6 mbar) within 90 minutes. This sputter machine is equipped with three RF/DC magnetron guns. RF or DC power can be applied to the individual magnetron. Dielectric materials, such as SiO2, TiO2, ZnO, Al2O3 and metal films, such as Au, Ag, Pt, Cu and Zn can be deposited. Target to substrate distance is adjustable in order to achieve desired uniformity and deposition rate. The system can process wafers up to 2 inches in diameter. In view of multi-gun capability, co-sputtering, sequential sputtering without breaking vacuum and reactive sputtering (with active gas mixtures) are possible.

The system can be used to deposit the films for a variety of applications, including multi-layer optical coatings, sensor devices, solar cells, thin film research, magnetic devices and biomedical research.


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