System specification:

  • Cylindrical stainless steel chamber
  • Turbo molecular vacuum pumping system with rotary vane pump
  • 3" diameter view port
  • Single/multiple magnetron gun assemblies with 2.00"dia. x 0.125" thick target sizes
  • Motorized shutter assembly for all sources
  • One 13.5MHz, 300 W (max power) RF power source and one Pulsed/DC power source
  • Quartz crystal film thickness monitor
  • Mass flow controller with digital readout
  • Full range vacuum gauge with display
  • Water chiller


  • Deposition of metals/non metals and non-magnetic films
  • Deposition of multi-layer films with selected target materials
  • Adjustable substrate to target spacing
  • Wafers up to 2" diameter can be deposited
  • Substrate heating up to 800oC available
  • Reactive sputtering with oxygen
  • Substrate bias capability up to 30W RF power
  • Thickness Monitor
  • Substrate rotation up to 20 RPM for better uniformity