Ram Tiwari Chair

Mr. Kamal Tiwari (BT/ME/1973), after his MS in Aerospace Engineering and another M.S. in Biomedical Engineering, both from Case Western Reserve University, went on to do his MD from Medical College in Ohio and is now a practicing doctor. He is the President and CEO of "Pain Management Centre" with multiple clinics in Indiana, and the President & CEO of "Southern Indiana Anesthesia Group". He is Founder and part-owner of the "Monroe Hospital" in Indiana.
Dr. Tiwari and his wife, Gloria Tiwari instituted Ram Tiwari Chair in the memory of Mr. Tiwari's father. The Chair is open to the Management Programme of the Department of Industrial Management .


Former Occupant

Prof. B.V. Phani

Feb. 2021 - Jan. 2024

Prof. B.V. Phani, Department of Industrial & Management Engineering, specializes in the areas of finance, innovation and entrepreneurship. His research interests are in the fields of financial intermediaries, credit risk modelling, entrepreneurial ecosystems, market micro-structure and valuation. Prof. Phani is the recipient of Embedded and Critical Systems Award, National Stock Research Initiative Award, National Award for Best Technology Incubator. He earned his doctorate from IIM Calcutta in 2003.