Hall of Residence III

Rs. 7,26,364
Rs. 1,90,00,000
Goal Amount

The Hall of Residence No. III for boys was constructed in year 1962-64. The Hall has seating capacity of 470 students with ground coverage of 6,895 m2 & the plinth area is 12,120 m2. .

Existing condition of the Hall:

  • The existing condition of sunshade & parapet is ok.
  • The existing condition of Hall is not so good as of other halls hence Hall needs to be painted externally as well as internally.

Need of Upgradation:

  • The Hall was externally painted in 2013 & internally painting in 2009, as per norms this frequency is 5 years hence both are due.
  • This hall was not having the provision of rain water harvesting hence the same has been proposed to be taken up under upgradation of the Hall.
Proposed Upgradation Works:

  • The complete external repairing & internal painting of Hall.
  • The terrace rain water harvesting of Hall.
Total proposed upgradation Cost:

  • The total upgradation cost as per abstract of cost shall come to Rs. 109.68 lacs.

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