Dr. R.S. Pandey Distinguished Lecture Series

Dr. R.S. Pandey Distinguished Lecture Series is supported by Mr. Rakesh Pandey (BT/ME/1978). Under this lecture series, the Department of Mechanical Engineering organizes lectures by distinguished people. Mr. Rakesh Pandey was the Chief Financial officer of the IITK Foundation. He joined the Foundation in 2006 and served as its Secretary from 2006-2009, he was elected as the President of IITK Alumni Association. He is a Distinguished Research Scientist at Olin College of Engineering, Executive-in-Residence at Northeastern University and Mentor at Legatum Center, MIT, USA. He has primarily focused his work on a) poverty alleviation through livelihood improvement aided by technical and business innovations, and b) conducting workshops for poor people towards empowering them through collective problem solving methods. Dr. Pandey had a long tenure at Bose Corporation spanning research, innovation, product development, business start-up, sales and marketing. He launched and ran Bose's subsidiary in India in 1995, started Bose Technology Center in India in 2003, and created the Center for University and Industry Research in 2008.