Dr. Rajendra Rathore Seminar Series

Late Dr. Rajendra Rathore (MSc2/CHM/1986) was Pfletschinger-Habermann Professor of Organic Chemistry at Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. He was a scientist of the highest calibre. A pioneer in the field of organic and synthetic chemistry, he made key contributions to the areas of organic supramolecular and materials chemistry. Dr. Rajendra Rathore Colloquium of Chemistry seminar series was established at the Department of Chemistry, IIT Kanpur, through an endowment fund created through generous contributions from Mrs. Rajni Nigam, wife of late Dr. Rajendra Rathore, and their family members and well-wishers.

Past Speaker

Prof. S. Chandrasekaran

Prof. S. Chandrasekaran, INSA Dinstinguished Professor, IISc Bangalore, gave the discourse on the Stereoselective Synthesis of 2-Deoxy glycosides on March 04, 2020. He earned his B.Sc in 1965 and Msc in 1967 from Ramakirshna Mission Vivekananda College, Madras University. He earned his PhD from Madras University under the guidance of Prof. S. Swaminathan in 1972. After graduation, he went to Harvard University, USA to work as a Research Associate on the synthesis of gibberellic acid, a plant growth hormone, with Prof. EJ Corey. Prof. Chandrasekaran joined IIT Kanpur as a lecturer and became a full professor in 1985. He moved to IISc Bangalore and held various positions as Chairman, Department of Organic Chemistry, and Dean of Faculty of Science, IISc Bangalore.