Late Dr. Ranjit Singh


Late Dr. Ranjit Singh is one of the most admired alumnus of IITK. He set up the Ranjit Singh Foundation at the institute (IIT K) that supports twelve different scholarships given to students from humble backgrounds.


Dr. Singh did his B.Tech in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering at IIT Kanpur in 1965. He later earned his doctorate from MIT, USA. Dr. Singh started his career by working in the semiconductor industry in Silicon Valley and later shifted to Allied Chemicals. In 1979, he was the leader in developing cubic zirconia and soon became a worldwide leader in artificial diamonds. Later he started his own company, Ranjit Singh Corp. in New Jersey, and was the supplier of artificial diamonds jewellery, and other precious gems.

Dr. Ranjit Singh was one of the top benefactors of IIT Kanpur, was known for his philanthropy, and his contributions have led to the growth and expansion of IIT Kanpur.

Contributions to IITK

  • Ranjit Singh Chair (Ranjit Singh Foundation)
  • Ranjit Singh Rozi Shiksha Kendra (RSK)