Mr. Aan Singh Chauhan

( BT/ EE /1995)

Mr. Aan Singh Chauhan is the Chief Technology Officer of Mindtree since 2021.He has more than 26 years of experience in building products, platforms, services, and leading teams across diverse industry sectors such as banking and financial services, capital markets, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, e-commerce, retail, and technology.


Mr. Singh did his B.Tech in Electrical Engineering at IIT Kanpur in 1995.He started his career as a Member of Technical Staff as CDAC in 1995. At CDAC, he worked in the areas of Image Processing, Remote Sensing, Artificial Intelligence, Graphics & Medical Imaging. He also worked on 3D radiation treatment planning system for cancer patients, Low level flight simulation using Digital Elevation Model overlay on top of high resolution satellite imagery using ray tracing algorithms, Artificial Neural Networks based image classification . He was the Senior Technical Programe Manager at IBM from 1996 to 2004 where he worked in the areas of complex programs delivery and application architecture.For next 14 years ( 2005 to 2019), he worked at Cognizant as a Chief Technology Officer. He was responsible for driving Cognizant's emerging technology agenda across the globe. His key focus areas included pioneering R&D work in areas such as cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, connected ecosystems, high performance computing, quantum computing, 5G & adhoc networks, cyber-security, AR/VR, computer vision, LiFi, software engineering and intelligent automation. Prior to Cognizant, he was the Chief Technology Officer at L&T NxT where he focused on incubating and realizing strategic digital platform-based business initiatives.

Mr. Singh has served on a number of national committees and councils, including the Confederation of Indian Industry's (CII) national committees on technology, artificial intelligence, and future enterprises. He is fascinated by quantum technologies and holds a design patent for a Quantum Key Secure Electronic Device.