Mr. Ajit S .Gill


Mr. Ajit Gill is past CEO and President of Nektar Therapeutics, when the company grew from a private startup to a public company with 800 employees and a market cap of over $2 billion USD. Mr. Gill is currently serving as an advisor for several health care companies in India. He is the CEO of Ohm Oncology, California, a company that specializes in oncology and neoplasms by developing novel drugs for the management of treatment - refractory and difficult to treat cancers.


Mr. Gill did his B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur in 1969. He earned an M.S from University of Nebraska and an MBA from University of Western Ontario, Canada. Earlier, Mr. Gill was VP and General Manager of Kodak's Interactive Systems, VP of Finance at TRW-Fujitsu and Director of business development at VisiCorp.

Mr. Ajit S. Gill set up the Joy Gill Chair under Joy and Manmohan Gill Endowment Fund at IIT Kanpur. The Chair position is for outstanding young investigators under the age of 45 years in any area of Biological Sciences and Bioengineering and can be occupied for a period of three years.