Mr. Asutosh Padhi


Mr. Asutosh Padhi is the Managing Partner at McKinsey and Company of the North America Division. He has been associated with McKinsey and Company since 1995.


Mr. Padhi did his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kapur in 1993 and he subsequently earned his MBA degree from IIM Ahmedabad in 1995. He is a member of McKinsey's Shareholders Council, the firm's equivalent to the board of directors.

Before taking the role of Managing Partner at McKinsey of the North America Division, Mr. Padhi co-led the global Advanced Industries work. He has advised several companies on their performance transformations, revenue acceleration, innovation and technology, large scale operating model redesign, margin and cash flow improvement. He has also supported various MNCs during their operations. Mr. Padhi successfully founded and designed the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility which supports policy makers and business leaders to lead the change and secure their future.

Mr. Padhi's business acumen led to the acquisition of Lunar Design, a top notch industrial design firm that now operates as a new venture. He also led the Americas Product Development Leaders Roundtable, a peer-to-peer best practices forum for R&D and product development leaders from Fortune 500 organizations. His expertise lies in partnering with clients on performance transformations that involve revenue acceleration, technology and innovation, margin and cash flow improvement, and large-scale operating model redesign.

Mr. Padhi has written several books related to the future of manufacturing in the United States to how companies can create competitive advantage during the downturn through Research & Development. He is also an Advisory Board member for the Master's in Management and Manufacturing (MMM) program at the Kellogg Business School at Northwestern University.