Mr. Pawan Tewari


Mr.Pawan Tewari is a Partner, Managing Director in Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs and co-heads the Technology Mergers & Acquisition business based out of San Francisco, CA.


Mr. Tewari did his B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur in 1988.He later received an MBA degree from Columbia Business School, New York in 1994. Between IIT Kanpur and Columbia Business School (1988-1992), he was a Wireline Logging Engineer with Schlumberger with stints in oil-fields in the North Sea based out of Aberdeen, Scotland and the foothills of Himalayas based out of Yangon, Myanmar. Mr. Tewari has also been a key adviser to 3Com ( a digital electronics manufacturer best known for its computer network products) for more than a decade. He along with his team have been instrumental in flourishing the 3Com industry in China. He was the chief advisor on 3Com Corp. on its $3.2 billion acquisition by Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) .

Since 1994 Mr.Tewari has been in Investment Banking, focusing on Mergers & Acquisition. He started his banking career with Morgan Stanley in 1994 and then moved to Goldman Sachs in 1999, both based out of New York.

Mr. Tewari instituted Pawan Tewari Chair and Pawan Tewari Scholarship at IIT Kanpur.The Faculty Chair will promote excellence in research and leadership on freshwater resources and environmental degradation that affects human and planetary health. Under the scholarship program, 10 student scholarships (a minimum of four scholarships are earmarked for female students) based on merit cum means have been instituted for 4-year BT/BS students of all departments.