Mr. Sanjay Pradhan


Mr. Sanjay Pradhan is the Founder & CEO of Max Secure Software and is responsible for overall business strategy, marketing, and product development. He has been recognized for his leadership and team-building skills in technology and management.


Mr. Pradhan did his B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from IIT Kanpur in 1986. He subsequently earned his M.S degree from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh in 1987, in Artificial Intelligence and Optimization. Mr. Pradhan started his career of almost 20 years in the USA with companies excelling in Real Time Dynamic Simulation, Artificial intelligence, designing and deploying Control systems using Batch Processes. He successfully handled the tasks in technical and business development in a Fortune 500 company. He established an Indian office during his tenure at a Fortune 500 firm where he developed and managed key client-relationships and delivered solutions.

Contributions to IITK

  • Sanjay and Rachna Pradhan Chair