Mr.Satish Kumar

(BT/ /1999)

Mr. Satish Kumar is the Co-founder, and CEO at , an AI talent Intelligence Platform to help the enterprise and staffing firms hire quality talent.Through a Total Talent Quality approach, Mr. Kumar is committed to bringing Quality and Transparency in the talent market for enterprise, staffing agencies, and candidates.


Mr. Kumar did his B.Tech from IIT Kanpur in 1999. Subsequently, he obtained a degree in Management of Technology in 2001 from Walter A. Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley.
Prior to , Mr. Kumar started Snapwiz, Inc – a multi-channel learning and assessment product for education which had top publishers like Wiley and McGraw Hill as its clients.Before Snapwiz, he also Co-founded GetVendors, an online marketing company later acquired by MatchPoint (a division of Connexus Group). Mr.Kumar also held a senior engineering and management position at Oracle Corp, where he was responsible for building RFID and mobility products in the supply chain. Mr. Kumar’s last venture, Edulastic, was acquired by Sumeru Equity Partners. He is a serial entrepreneur and loves working on futuristic ideas with executives to solve business challenges.