Prof. Siddharth Ramachandran


Dr. Siddharth Ramchandran is a professor of physics at the University of Boston. He did his B.Tech. in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering from IIT Kanpur in 1991 and subsequently earned his doctorate in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Campaign in 1998. He then joined Bell Labs as a Member of Technical Staff and subsequently continued with its spin-off, OFS Labs.


He moved back to academics in 2010 is now a professor in the Departments of Electrical Engineering and Physics, and the Division of Materials Science at Boston University. His research focuses on the optical physics of guided waves. He serves the optics community is several capacities, including as a topical editor for Optica.

Achievements and Honors

  • Fellow, IEEE, 2019.
  • Fellow, Vannevar Bush Faculty, 2019.
  • Fellow, the International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2019.
  • Visiting Fellow, the UK Royal Society of Engineering, 2016.
  • Distinguished Lecturer, IEEE, 2013-2015.
  • Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, OFS, 2003.