Dr. Smita Agarwal Hashim


Dr. Smita Agarwal Hashim currently serves as the Vice-President of Product Management at Microsoft.


Dr. Smita Agarwal Hashim received her bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur in 1986 and subsequently went on to receive her master's degree from Princeton University in Electrical Engineering in 1988, and doctorate from the University of California in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences in 1993 with focus on image and video compression. Dr. Hashim has previously served as Director of Product Management at Google transforming the trajectory of multiple products. She scaled Google Meet video communication service for remote work necessitated by Covid-19 pandemic. She built the Google Voice enterprise product line. She led chrome books device portfolio expansion growing them into top education devices in multiple markets. Her contributions include first industry products for delivery of television over IP networks and authoring addition of multimedia to ITU telecommunication standard. She has more than 10 patents to her name; she cares deeply about diversity and has started a women alumni network at IITK - WIN - now with ~200 members. She was honored with the Distinguished Alumnus Award by IIT Kanpur in 2022.