Mr. Srikant Sastri


Mr. Srikant Sastri currently serves as the Chairman of IIM Calcutta Innovation Park; Director of Foundation for Innovation


Mr. Srikant Sastri received his bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT Kanpur in 1983, and subsequently went on to receive his Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Finance from IIM Calcutta in 1985. He is a mentor on a mission and believes that the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship should spread far beyond the metros so that it provides real opportunities for India's youth. Transforming universities into hubs of entrepreneurship, and focusing on under-served regions is a big part of his focus. 'The Ventilator Project', his best-selling co-authored book in 2021, is a perfect example of a success story of rapid innovation that created growth. His ongoing video series on his YouTube channel 'Chalo Startup' answers the most common questions start-up founders have. As someone who has built and sold two large services ventures in India and Southeast Asia, he uses his vast experience of over three decades to help emerging

and aspiring entrepreneurs. He was honored with the Distinguished Services Award by IIT Kanpur in 2022.