Estate Office plays an instrumental role in the management of assets of the Institute. The Estate Office is entrusted with the work of Estate Management and Civic amenities.

The Estate Office deals with the entire gamut of activities involved in allocation of residential as well as commercial space to the individuals including allotment, rent fixation, lease agreements, revenue realization, handing/taking over of the premises, litigations etc. There are 1043 houses of various grades and 110 commercial establishments in campus at present.

The community is also served through mobile vendors such as cycle rickshaw, vegetable vendors, milkmen, junk/waste paper collectors, hawkers and a host of other services. Passes are issues and regularly reviewed by the Estate Office in order to closely monitor petty commercial activities within the campus.

Looking to the hygienic point of view in the campus the Estate Office have been oeprating clearning, sweeping & up-keeping work in the campus. The above job is attended by private contractors under supervision of the Estate Office.