To teach with passion, to seek and radiate new knowledge with vigour, and to participate in building our nation's digital base with commitment and integrity.


  • Develop education and research in frontier areas such as algorithm engineering, computer systems, machine learning, cyber security, human-computer interaction, & Artificial Intelligence at par with this department's reputation in theoretical computer science.
  • Develop large research programs with government and industrial funding.
  • Develop a critical mass of faculty, undergraduate researchers, MTech/MS/PhD students and post-doctoral fellows in target areas.
  • Develop a funding level from sponsored research and consultancy that is unparalleled in India.
  • Develop presence in online education for scalable dissemination of knowledge nationally and internationally.
  • Try to recruit more women and minority faculty and researchers and continue to improve the environment conducive to women & minority faculty.
  • Make the department a great place to work for all employees and students.


  • More ONLINE courses (currently a few MOOCs have been offered MOOCKIT) and Start Online certification courses.
  • More specialized PG courses (Systems, Machine learning, Security, formal methods).
  • Increase Funding Level by encouraging and mentoring younger faculty in writing research proposals (In 2014 project funding 1.5 crores per year and it improved to more than 8 crores/year over last 4 years, we want to increase to 10 crores per year in external research funding, and 2 crores per year in consultancy).
  • Increase Faculty Strength from 35 to 50 in 5 years (In last 4 years, we increased faculty strength from 25 to 35).
  • Increase PhD student strength to 100 in 5 years with a steady graduation rate per year between 10-15 graduations. In last 3 years we increased PhD student strength from 30 to 70+
  • MS by Research program introduced. Goal is to have a steady population of 15 MS students (currently 5 allowing project engineers to enroll in MS by research program).
  • Increase Systems and Data Science area faculty Strength by 5 in each area (In the last 3 years we increased systems area faculty from 6 to 11 and Data Science faculty from 2 to 5).
  • Recruit more post-doctoral fellows and INSPIRE Faculty (In the last 2 years we went from 0 post-doctoral fellows to 4, and 0 INSPIRE faculty to 2).
  • A New building for the Cyber Security Center is in progress which will vacate some space in the main buildings – creating space for increase in faculty strength.


Most of the government funds for research projects disallow spending any funds for foreign travels. However, faculty needs to travel to international conference.

We already have Research-I foundation that enables us to spend travel funds for international travels to conferences and research missions. However, with increasing number of faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and PhD students, this fund is falling short, and we need to create a corpus that can generate enough yearly interests to accommodate the increased need for travel and research missions. We also, would like to supplement initial salaries of deserving outstanding faculty and PhD students to attract them to the department.

Some exploratory research funding on a competitive basis from faculty, students, and postdoctoral fellows can also be funded.


To raise Rs 100Cr over three years (2019-2022).

For further questions, on the mission/vision/strategy/requirements please contact head[at]cse.iitk.ac.in

Giving back to your alma mater is a common way to help the institute that educated you in the past.

World over, academic institutes are seeing reduced government funding, and increased reliance on alumni funding.

We have had been lucky in the past, to receive generous alumni funds which helped us create Research-I foundation grants, build two of our departmental buildings, and also spurred several other activities targeted to improving the department, and its faculty, and students.

However, with reduction in government funding, increased exchange rate, the increase in numbers of faculty/graduate students it has become necessary to request another round of fund raising.

We will be grateful for all donations of any denomination.

If anyone is interested in donating with a specific purpose --- please contact the department head at head@cse.iitk.ac.in

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  • Mr. Abhishek Kumar Mishra (BT/CSE/1997)
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  • Bhagwan Das Sanghi
  • Mr. Deepak Bhagat (BT/EE/1973)
  • Mr. E. Dhanabal (MT/CSE/1998)
  • Infosys Technology Ltd. (Mr. Vibhu Sanjay Sharma)
  • Mr. K. Jeevan Madhu (MT/CSE/1998)
  • Mr. K. V. Vihari (MT/CSE/1998)
  • Ms. Kruti Neema (MT/CSE/2010)
  • Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy (MT/EE/1969)
  • Prof. Pankaj Jalote (BT/EE/1980)
  • Mr. Remala Venkateswara Rao (MT/CSE/1978)
  • Prof. Rishikesha T. Krishnan (MSc5/PHY/1986)
  • Dr. Samarjit Chakraborty (MT/CSE/1999)
  • Mr. Sandeep Rao Kanaparthi (MT/CSE/1998)
  • Mr. Sudarshan Murty (MT/CSE/1990)
  • Mr. Suraj Gaurav (BT/CSE/1998)
  • Mr. Aravind Talla (BT/CSE/2018)
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A 12-point agenda for next 5 years for

Given the rapid growth, and high level of productivity in the past several years -- we are facing following issues that need to be solved in order for us to sustain the growth and be more productive to reach the heights once occupied by our department as India's top most Computer Science destination. This requires resources.

  • We need to create more space for new faculty and hosting large projects with its 100s of project staff. We expect to have 50+ faculty in 3 years, and over 100 staff members in projects.
  • We want to build space for incubation of product ideas where our students can start incubating startups. This is in addition to institute's incubation facilities. We will hire a liaison officer between the CSE incubation and IP filing, and the institute incubation center. We believe that proximity of the incubation facility to CSE department would encourage more young students to take initiatives.
  • A tinkering lab where our young students can have hardware and software necessary for doing out of syllabus experiments and developments at their own time and will.
  • Funds for creating two or more chair positions in AI (we are doing very well in Machine Learning, Human Computer Interface, and Cognitive computing) but given the current need in AI technologies beyond Machine learning - we need to attract top faculty in this area to lead us to be the center for AI research and training.
  • Funds for creating several young faculty fellowships as a rewarding mechanism for extraordinary accomplishments by young faculty.
  • Student scholarships for students in need (The institute have a number of those, but the needs are increasing, given the expenses of education rising.)
  • A couple of industry chairs where industry experts may be invited and remunerated to spend a few months in the department to enhance the connect with the industry.
  • We have Research I foundation which currently provides adequate annual funds for foreign conference travel for faculty but as we plan to increase the faculty strength to about 50 (from current 34) and strength of PhD students, and post-doctoral fellows in the next 3 years -- we will fall short on that -- and none of the government of India funds allow foreign travel.
  • Start a center for Social Computing for socially important computing research and education.
  • Funds for creating something like MIT OCW (Open Courseware) so that we can host videos of all courses offered by the department for helping other institutes.
  • Funding summer interns from various colleges throughout India so that students in non-IIT institutes can get access to our facilities and world class faculty for summers.
  • Funds for mental health support for students suffering from anxiety, depression and other serious mental health issues (recently we hired a departmental counsellor and we are seeing that about 20% of the enrolled UG students taking help from her -- but further support will be even better).