Science Day Celebration

National Science Day is celebrated in India with the objectives of commemorating the first Nobel prize in India on Science which was achieved by the discovery of Raman Effect by Sir C V Raman. It is also celebrated to emphasize on the culture of science and the application of science for the welfare of people. As part of the National Science Day celebration, IIT Kanpur organized thematic workshop on different subjects every year.

National Science Day 2022

To mark the celebration of National Science Day, IIT Kanpur hosted a virtual event on February 28, 2022. Prof. Samit Ray Chaudhuri, Dean of Infrastructure & Planning, delivered a talk on "Towards achieving sustainable built environment: From Civil Engineering Perspectives"

The abstract of the talk

Starting with the general concepts of sustainability and some important data, the talk focused on the sustainability of the built environment. In particular, the emphasis was placed on how civil engineers can contribute to the overall goal. The talk concludes with a few initiatives taken by IIT Kanpur in this direction. 

National Science Day 2021

To mark the celebration of National Science Day, IIT Kanpur hosted a virtual event on February 28, 2021. The theme of this year was ‘Energy’. The first speaker of the event was Professor Ashish Garg, Head of Sustainable Energy Engineering Department. He talked about the challenges and potentials of "Solar Photovoltaics". Professor Sameer Khandekar, Head of Mechanical Engineering Department focused his presentation on Thermal Energy Management and shared his experiences on developing the "Thermal Energy Storage Systems" at the Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering building at IITK. Professor Jishnu Bhattacharya, Department of Mechanical Engineering provided an overview of the promise, challenges and the current status of the "Hydrogen as Energy Carrier".

The abstract of the talks

Solar Photovoltaics
Speaker: Prof. Ashish Garg

With growing energy demand coupled with economic growth and prosperity, India needs to place strong emphasis on the development of solar photovoltaic technologies that are indigenous, low cost and offer long life. The inherent advantages of solar photovoltaics make it a technology of immense promise as also seen in massive growth in the solar PV deployments off late. This talk will give an overview of importance of solar energy and photovoltaics. It will discuss various technologies with an update on their market status as well as the research opportunities new technologies offer.

Thermal Energy Storage Systems for Buildings from Science to Engineering: An IITK Story
Speaker: Prof. Sameer Khandekar

Thermal energy management is a critical element of building design. It is increasingly gaining predominance in the contemporary times with an important component of capital and running expense of a building getting attributed to energy usage pattern of a building. Very recently, IIT Kanpur has successfully implemented a Thermal Energy Storage System based on phase-change material, for storing cold and manage the peak air-conditioning load distribution. This talk will outline the need for thermal management, the science behind it, and explain the engineering implementation at the Center for Environmental Science and Engineering Building at IIT Kanpur.

Hydrogen as Energy Carrier
Speaker: Prof. Jishnu Bhattacharya

In search of sustainable technologies to ensure a greener future for the world, hydrogen provides one of the highly promising routes. It is the cleanest possible fuel with unbounded abundance even though not in the ready form. Being the lightest of the elements, it is associated with many challenges such as storage difficulty and poor energy density. In the current talk, we will have an overview of the promise, challenges and the current status of the relevant technologies. The myth of zero emission will be challenged. A comparative discussion will also be taken up between the two most talked about technology paradigms towards defossilizing transportation. 

National Science Day 2020

On the occasion of National Science Day 2020, IIT Kanpur organized a thematic workshop on ‘Space Science’ on February 28 2020. The workshop was designed to introduce the recent exciting developments in this field to the IIT community. It provided a platform to the Space Science community within IIT Kanpur to share their research experiences and ideas. The workshop was divided into three sessions. The details of the session can be found below.

Details of Workshop

The workshop ended with a public lecture on Space science – the everlasting excitement by Prof. V. Koteswara Rao, Vikram Sarabhai Distinguished Professor, ISRO. He addressed some fundamental issues, such as, origin of universe, origin of human race, future of living beings and so on. He described how in future it may be possible to send special spacecrafts to other star systems.

The final event in the Science Day celebrations was a night sky viewing session organized by the Astronomy Club at the air strip.

National Science Day 2019

To mark the celebration of National Science Day 2019, the Cognitive Science Programme in coordination with the Dean, Research and Development Office organized one-day symposium titled: “Through the looking glass: Interdisciplinary Perceptions on Cognition” . Prof. Karandikar, Director, IIT Kanpur inaugurated the symposium. Prof. Narayanan Srinivasan, CBCS, Allahabad delivered the key note address which was followed by the technical disseminations from faculty members of Cognitive Science Programme on the subject theme. Subsequently, Prof. Philip Tseng, and Prof. Niall Duncan from Taipei Medical University delivered expert talks in the same direction. The programme ended with a vote of thanks by Prof. S. Ganesh, Dean, Research and Development.

Science Day 2018

IIT Kanpur celebrated National Science Day 2018 with a thematic workshop on ‘Science and technology for a Sustainable Future’. The workshop was organised by the Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering (CESE), IITK. Faculty members from the thematic area were invited to give popular talk on the related research areas.

Science Day 2017

Aa a part of National Science Day 2017 celebration, IITK organized a thematic workshop on ‘Nanoscience and Nanotechnology’. The workshop was followed by an invited lecture on “Next Generation Nanotechnology: Balance and Sustainability’ from Dr. Sharmila Mukhopadhyay, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Director of Centre for Nanoscale Multifunctional Materials at Wright State University, USA.