Faculty & Staff Campus Life


IIT Kanpur offers a great environment for professional development. The beautiful, safe and well laid out campus has excellent facilities for recreation, children's education and healthcare.

Life at IITK


IITK offers a supportive enriching environment to its faculty and staff in all respects. The well laid out campus is a great place for children to grow up with excellent schools and a stimulating environment. Away from the hustle bustle of the city the IITK campus offers a peaceful and modern lifestyle to the faculty, staff and their families.

Retail & Services


There are several retail areas on the campus with shops and services to meet the day to day needs of the campus community.

Clubs & Communities


IITK has a faculty club along with several other formal and informal forums. There is great bonding among the campus community.


The faculty and staff at IITK live on campus where they have easy access to facilities and activities. The great housing has contributed to the emergence of IITK as a leading institute. The comfortable and serene surroundings support an enjoyable and enriching life style.

Health Care

IITK is well served by a conveniently located Health Centre. The doctors and staff of the Health Centre are committed to the health and well being of the campus community.


Living at IITK means easy access to a rich variety of fine and performing arts. Leading artists visit the campus regularly. There are also several cultural clubs at IIT Kanpur.

Places to Eat


The IITK campus and Kanpur city offer many options for eating out. They offer all popular world cuisines along with the local cuisines of Kanpur and Lucknow.



Academic, sports and cultural events take place nearly all year round at IITK.

Sports & Recreation

IITK offers a wide range of sports and recreational facilities to support the modern healthy living choices. The campus community participates in all of them enthusiastically and along with its challenge each sports and recreational activity also brings with it an opportunity to bond with other members of the campus community.

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