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K. P. Rajeev

PhD (IISc Bangalore)

Professor, Department of Physics




  • PhD, 1992, IISc Bangalore
  • M.Sc., 1983, IIT Madras
  • B.Sc., 1981, Kerala University



  • Low-temperature electronic-properties of a normal conducting perovskite oxide (LaNiO3), Author(s): RAJEEV, KP; SHIVASHANKAR, GV; RAYCHAUDHURI, AK, Source: SOLID STATE COMMUNICATIONS Volume: 79 Issue: 7 Pages: 591-595 Published: AUG 1991, Times Cited: 166

  • Signatures of spin-glass freezing in NiO nanoparticles, Author(s): TIWARI, SD; RAJEEV, KP Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 72 Issue: 10 Published: SEP 2005, Times Cited: 95

  • Low-temperature electrical transport in La(0.7)A(0.3)MnO(3), (A : Ca, Sr, Ba) Author(s): TIWARI, A; RAJEEV, KP, Source: SOLID STATE COMMUNICATIONS Volume: 111 Issue: 1 Pages: 33-37 Published: 1999, Times Cited: 59

  • Memory and aging effects in NiO nanoparticles, Source: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER Volume: 22 Issue: 1 Published: JAN 13 2010, Times Cited: 18

  • Slow dynamics in hard condensed matter: a case study of the phase separating system NdNiO3 Author(s): KUMAR, D; RAJEEV, KP; ALONSO, JA; et al., Source: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER Volume: 21 Issue: 18 Published: MAY 6 2009, Times Cited: 9


  • Martin Foster medal for the best Ph. D. thesis in the physical sciences from IISc Bangalore in 1992



Department of Physics
IIT Kanpur,
Kanpur 208016

Office Phone: 0512-259-7929 (O)

Email: kpraj[AT]


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