Kaustubh Kulkarni

PhD (Purdue University)

Assistant Professor, Department of MSE

Research Interest



  • PhD. in Materials Engineering; 2008; Purdue University, USA
  • B.E. in Metallurgical Engineering; 2002; Govt. College of Engineering Pune, Pune University



  • K. N. Kulkarni, A. M. Girgis, L. R. Ram-Mohan, M. A. Dayananda; "A transfer matrix analysis of quaternary diffusion"; Phil. Mag.; 87 (6); 2007; 853-872 (This is possibly the first report on evaluation of entire interdiffusion coefficient matrix for a quaternary system)

  • K. N. Kulkarni and A. A. Luo; "Interdiffusion and Phase Growth Kinetics in Magnesium-Aluminum Binary System"; Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion; Vol. 34; 2013; 104-115. (This is the first report on interdiffusion coefficients and activation energies in Al-Mg alloys reported as functions of compositions)

  • K. N. Kulkarni, Y. Sun, A. K. Sachdev and E. Lavernia; "Field Activated Sintering of Blended Elemental ?- TiAl Powder Compacts: Porosity Analysis and Growth Kinetics of Al3Ti"; Scripta Materialia; 68; 2013; pp. 841. (This along with three other papers in Ti-alloys is the work started during my tenure in GM and still ongoing in collaboration with GM and UC Davis. This work focuses on developing fundamental understanding of the effect of electric field and other processing parameters in the sintering kinetics of Ti-alloys) Technological:

  • K. N. Kulkarni and A. K. Sachdev; "Multicomponent Titanium Aluminide Article and Method of Making"; US Patent US201113293651 20111110; 2011. (This is an illustration of developing new cost-effective processing routes for Ti-alloys from very fundamental concepts of diffusion and phase equilibria)

  • "Development of Energy Absorbing Rare Under-run Protection Device". (This was a project in collaboration with DOW Automotive that I was leading during my tenure in ARAI. This has both technological and societal significance and a prototype of the same RUPD was also displayed in Auto-Expo 2010 in Delhi.)

  • Reviewer for Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A and Materials Science and Engineering

  • Henry Ford Scholarship for the best graduate student in engineering (2007)

  • President, MSEGSA, Purdue University (2005-2006)

  • Magoon Award for Excellence in Teaching (Spring 2005)

  • Senator in Purdue University Graduate Student Government (April 2005 to April 2006)


Department of MSE
IIT Kanpur,
Kanpur 208016

Office Phone: 0512-259-6102 (O)

Email: kkaustub[AT]iitk.ac.in

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